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How it works

  1. Register

    Registration is simple and only requires entering your name and an e-mail address to which we will send an e-mail with a link activating your account. You can also register using your Facebook account.

  2. Fill out profile data

    You can enter other information when you have the time to do so – you will not need to use a computer to do this: Edu-forma is compatible with smartphones and other mobile devices.

  3. Add subjects and dates

    Indicate subjects that you would like to teach and the level at which you can teach them, select your rate per 50-minute lesson, and indicate dates when you can conduct classes.

  4. Teach

    Classes are conducted via a chatroom, enabling you and your student to see and hear each other in real time; you will also have an e-board at your disposal for writing, drawing and uploading text files.

  5. Pay

    Select a subject or classes in a field you find interesting, examine your teacher's profile and purchase the classes they offer at a date convenient to you.

  6. Begin learning

    The teacher will be waiting for you at the time you chose on the lesson's website. You will be able to see and hear each other, enabling you to set the pace of the classes.

  7. Post an opinion about the lesson

    Help other students choose the right teacher – after classes, evaluate their factual and educational merits.