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See how easy it is

Edu-forma is an educational platform making it possible for people teaching classes (not only professional teachers) to meet people who seek education.

Thanks to real-time audio and video calls and an e-board, users of Edu-forma have all the tools they need for successful learning – regardless of their current proficiency level and field.

The Edu-forma website also includes a time schedule, makes smooth settlement of amounts due for conducted classes possible (money transfer within 24 h), and its extensive educational contents are not limited by location.oraz dostęp do szerokiej oferty edukacyjnej – nieograniczonej terytorialnie. Register as Teacher or as Student or find more information below.

What makes us special

Students and teachers from all across the World

  • Create a teacher account and teach in the field of your choice.
  • Create a student account and choose the subject which you would like to study – you can specify the exact aspect that you are interested in.
  • Manage your own time – you teach at the times you choose.
  • Access knowledge from any field quickly.

Access to a cutting-edge e-board.

  • Upload photos and scanned tasks to be solved to the board.
  • Edit documents together with your teacher in real time, add comments to scanned materials.
  • Record comments as board screenshots and share files using chat.
  • All files,board images and screen shots are stored in your file archive, to which you have unlimited access.

Audio and video calls.

  • Benefit from free interaction with your teacher via real-time audio and video calls.
  • Ask questions and make the pace of the lesson right for you.
  • Record those parts of lessons which might come in handy for you in the future.
  • You do not need to install additional software or plug-ins – Edu-forma operates from the level of your Internet browser.

Create a teacher account andshare knowledge.

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Create a student account andlearn online.

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User opinions

I teach Polish in school and occasionally give private classes to students revising for their finals. The problem was that I would usually finish my school work late afternoon which often turned too late for my private students. With Edu-forma it all easy – I can give classes at any time without leaving home.

Magdalena Loretz


Polish composition

Since last year I have been working as mathematics private teacher. First year of college that worked fine: after lectures I had just enough time to make it to library and then to my students’ home for private tutoring. Second year proved to be more work and it seemed I would have to give up teaching: getting across the city simply took too much time. Edu-forma turned to be a solution: I give classes from home and don’t waste time on commuting.

Sławomir Unimski



Since fourth grade I’ve had English in my school and it was not going well – I just couldn’t grasp everything teacher explained during the class; my homework was frustrating as I simply did not get English grammar. Then I found a private teacher in Edu-forma; few weeks later my grades have improved and I am not afraid of English anymore.

Ania Borkowska